The International Surface Event (TISE) from 01 to 03 February 2022 in Las Vegas will have “The Natural Stone Pavilion – brought to you by the Natural Stone Institute and Marmomac“

There will be shown more products and ideas for construction and interior architecture with marble, granite etc. than before

With the new collection “Texo“ of the brand Kreoo, the designer Enzo Berti emulates a marble fabric

The eye of the beholder is easily deceived by the apparent course of the threads or ribbons

The orientation of the Kofun imperial tombs reflects the Japanese Emperors‘ self-understanding as descendants of the Sun Goddess Amaterasu

Scientists used high-resolution satellite images to bettern understand the monuments built from the 3rd to the 6th century AD touring the world: ten ideas for designing paths and squares with natural stone

Our examples show animals of all kinds, a bit of Crazy Paving and – of course – a lot of geometry

Designer Elena Salmistraro and Lithea Company: “Pensieri Panteschi“ (Thoughts from Pantelleria)

The collection translates in natural stone features of the volcanic island halfway between Sicily and Africa

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